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Medical insurance, also referred to as health insurance, is a legal contract between you and the insurance company. The policy will provide detailed information on the items that are covered in your policy, such as: medical tests, medications, and treatment services. The insurance company agrees to cover the costs of the detailed coverage items. The policy will also provide a list of items that are not covered by your insurance company. You will have to pay, out of your own pocket, for these items. If there is a claim that is listed as covered and your insurance company refuses to honor your claim, you may want to speak to a medical insurance dispute attorney about a potential insurance dispute claim.

When you visit your doctor, he may decide that you need specific medical care including drugs that your insurance company may decide are not covered. The insurance company often only covers the kinds of medical care that the majority of individuals usually need. In the majority of cases, your physician will do his best to stay within guidelines of your coverage if and when possible. However, he/she only knows the basic coverage’s and does not have the time to inspect every patient’s policy to ensure he stays within their coverage. Your insurance company will make the decision on what medical procedures, medication, and other items that will be paid.

Reasons for Medical Insurance Disputes
In most cases, medical disputes arise from the insurance company denying a claim that is medically necessary for the treatment of an illness or disease of the patient that is covered by the policy. Some medical treatments are important to the health and well-being of patients, but the insurance company may not deem the medication as a necessary item, thus deny the claim.

Other medical disputes arise regarding nonpayment of claims, the necessity of the treatment or medication, or a work relatedness of the medical expense, medical procedure, medical treatment, service provided, or the medical statement.

What To Do If You Have a Medical Insurance Dispute
A formal appeal may be your next option. You should however, talk with a medical dispute attorney to ensure your rights under the policy are protected, and that you receive just compensation for your claim.

Filing a formal appeal, you could use the advice of an experienced medical insurance claim attorney, as they have worked with medical insurance companies before and know the terminology and what to look for in your policy to learn your coverage. Your medical dispute attorney will read over your policy, your denial letter, and put your complaint in writing. In the complaint, he will discuss your health problems, treatment history, and prove how you have exhausted all other medical alternative. Along with this, he will include recommendations from your physicians, why you are an ideal candidate, what will occur if the treatment is not approved, and all other pertinent information including your medical records or others in your situation that received the treatment and the outcome.

You may have a bad faith insurance dispute if your medical insurance company did not investigate your claim in a timely manner, if your reasonable claim was denied, if the medical treatment, procedure, or medication are deemed necessary by your physicians.

In order to proceed with your formal appeal, you will need the expertise of a medical insurance claim attorney to ensure your rights are protected and that all of your information is presented properly to ensure success.

In the majority of cases, not every medical dispute will be reviewed but those that can prove medical necessity are placed in top priority. If you have a medical dispute with your insurance company regarding a specific treatment, procedure, or medication that is not deemed a medical necessity, you will have a harder time getting attention without the help of a medical dispute attorney.

Who Can Sue

There are many different medical and health insurance companies, such as: through your employment, personal, and Medicare to name a few. In order to know the laws and protect your rights during medical insurance dispute lawsuits, it is best to contact a medical insurance claim lawyer. A qualified medical dispute attorney understands the various terms and conditions set for by the insurance companies.

Talking with a medical insurance dispute attorney concerning medical insurance dispute lawsuits will give you the information you need as well as the options that are available to you and the assurance of the protection of your rights.

If you have been denied a medical claim that is medically necessary, you may be entitled to compensation. In some cases, the insurance has been acting in bad faith and in this case, medical insurance dispute lawsuits are possible. Even if the medical insurance company is not acting in bad faith, but do not wish to pay for medical treatment that your doctor deems necessary, you may be entitled to sue and receive and the treatment or reimbursement for the amount you spent for the treatment and other costs incurred.

Potential Recovery

For your medical dispute resolution, the court may determine that the insurance was acting in bad faith. In other cases, you may be able to receive the medical treatment you need as deemed a necessary part of your treatment by your physicians. Your medical insurance claim lawyer will present all the information that is pertinent to prove the necessity of the treatment or medication along with other documents. If the court decides in your favor, you can recover full benefits as described in your policy.

In the case of Memorial Hermann Hospital System C/o Sullins, Johnston, Rohrbach & Magers vs. Facility Insurance Corporation the court found that “The Division hereby ORDERS the insurance carrier to remit the amount of $30,186.00, plus all accrued interest due at the time of payment to the Requestor within 20-days of receipt of this Order.” The time spent in the hospital and medical treatments, etc… were determined to be medically necessary for the care and treatment of the individual.

In order to determine the best options your medical dispute resolution, talking with medical insurance claim attorney will give you a better understanding of the procedure and the potential recovery you may be entitled to according to the type of insurance carrier you have and the terms of your policy.

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